Whales need your help
to survive

Keep whales safe on their ocean journeys

It’s getting harder for whales to survive their epic annual journeys through the oceans.

As more threats enter our oceans, each year whale mothers and babies face trouble ahead on  their long migrations, sadly some even die in agony.

The oceans have become a deadly obstacle course for whales who migrate through the ocean each year. Half of the great whale species are in trouble and classified as either ‘Vulnerable’ or 'Endangered’, including the world's largest animal, the blue whale.

Whales need your help. Please help protect our ocean giants before we lose them forever.

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Your gift will help protect whales on their superhighways.

For generations, whales have travelled the same ocean 'superhighways' to feed, mate, breed and raise their young.

But today, their age-old routes are littered with deadly threats. Whales and their babies must navigate around destructive fishing gear and nets, tragically all too often they can become entangled and drown. Others may die from starvation or painful injuries from fishing gear.

Whales are at risk of being victims of shipping ‘hit and runs’ because of their migratory routes, or being deafened by the noise of shipping traffic. Without sound, whales can't keep themselves and their babies safe and alive in the ocean.

Your generosity will help keep whales safe on their superhighways, as well as other critical conservation efforts for nature. Will you please give today?

Your donation will help keep whales on their superhighways – and on our planet. Will you please give today?


Could help track whales on their migratory paths or ocean superhighways, using drones and satellite tags.


Could help fast-track global agreements for whale-safe fishing practices, ‘slow down’ rules for ships, and noise reduction measures in whale migration paths.


Could drive work to expand marine sanctuaries and protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.


Could help protect whales and support other critical conservation efforts across multiple species and nature.

Whales support the life in our oceans. But they need YOU to survive.

Whales nourish the oceans around them as they travel between their summer feeding grounds and winter breeding waters.

Even their poo is life-giving. It fertilises phytoplankton, tiny plant-like organisms that supply around half the world's oxygen.

Whales also capture a huge amount of carbon - the equivalent of a thousand trees - if they can live to maturity. They are one of our best tools in the fight against climate change and rebuilding a healthy ocean.

Whales play a vital part in sustaining life on Earth. But they need your help to stop their life-giving yearly journeys from ending in horrific early deaths.  

Please donate now to protect whales and the oceans that depend on them.

Your gift will make an impact for these magnificent sea creatures and other vulnerable wildlife that need your help.