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Help protect our most iconic species

© / Andy Rouse / WWF-Canon

It’s hard to imagine a world without giant pandas, tigers, turtles or orang-utans in the wild. Sadly, that’s the way these precious animals are heading. They are on the slide to extinction. 

There are as few as 1,864 giant pandas left in the wild. The wild tiger population is as low as 3,890. The destruction of forest habitat threatens orang-utan survival. Six out of the world’s seven species of marine turtle live in Australia's waters and are listed nationally as either endangered or vulnerable.

When you adopt a giant panda you will be helping to protect endangered animals. Your adoption will support WWF’s essential conservation work – protecting the habitat, preserving the food and ensuring the safety of threatened species locally and globally.

  • could help WWF increase habitat protection for species like the giant panda
  • could help WWF reduce illegal poaching and trade of live tigers and tiger parts
  • could help WWF fund patrols to monitor Borneo’s orang-utan population
  • could help WWF extend Indigenous partners' capacity to monitor and protect marine turtles
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Adopting a giant panda makes the perfect gift - with a cuddly toy panda and special adoption gift pack including adoption certificate and stunning giant panda portrait. 

You can choose for this gift pack to be sent directly to the recipient or you can receive it to give to them yourself.  

The giant panda is the flagship species for WWF – it has been our emblem since 1961 and holds a special significance. It’s a symbol of just how vulnerable many species are.


  • Conserve the giant pandas wild home and food supply by protecting 3 million hectares of forest
  • Double wild tiger numbers by 2022 – one of the most important global conservation projects ever undertaken
  • Protect orang-utans and Borneo pygmy elephants by creating a 220,000 square km network of protected areas and sustainably managed forests in the Heart of Borneo
  • Campaign to secure Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) so turtles and other marine species can feed and breed in safety

All donations of $2 or more to WWF-Australia are tax deductible. For your convenience we will send you one receipt at the end of the financial year, for the total amount of your tax deductible donations. If your adoption includes a plush toy, the $15 cost for the toy is not tax deductible.

Photo credits: / Andy Rouse / WWF and Michel Gunther / WWF
Extra photo credit for display advertising:
© Klein & Hubert / WWF


Why do I support WWF? Because they make a difference. Individually we have limited reach and power, but as a group we have much more - with WWF we can change things in the world because we are pulling together. Thank goodness for movements like WWF.

Michele Hannam Short

WWF Supporter since 1997