Koala taking refuge on a power pole, southeast Queensland © Clare Gover, Return to the Wild Inc. / WWF-Aus

Koala mother and joey seeking refuge on a bulldozed logpile © Briano / WWF-Aus

Koala Crisis Appeal

Join the fight to protect NSW koalas from excessive tree-clearing
Join the fight to protect NSW koalas from excessive tree-clearing

Koalas are in crisis in New South Wales, where the government has further weakened tree-clearing laws, greenlighting the destruction of koala habitat across the state.

Excessive tree-clearing is ramping up and your support is urgently needed to stop koalas from becoming the next casualty in Australia's extinction crisis.

Please help us stop this tragedy by making your urgent, tax-deductible gift today.


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Progress in QLD… but koalas in NSW face their most urgent battle yet

Last year, we exposed the tree-clearing crisis in Queensland and the devastating effect it was having on our Aussie wildlife. With over 80% of koalas already lost from Queensland’s Koala Coast, there wasn’t a moment to lose.

Incredible WWF supporters helped us put the spotlight on the plight of our iconic yet vulnerable koalas. In a win for people power, that message was heard loud and clear and the new laws to stop excessive tree-clearing and protect native bushland in Queensland were recently passed by the state government

Whilst this shows the impact your support can have, the fight is far from over. Astonishingly, less than one year ago political leaders in New South Wales tore up laws that keep vulnerable koalas and their homes safe from the bulldozers. Yes. They pushed through a law that will allow tree-clearing to increase by up to 45% and threaten almost every koala on private land.

The fight for koalas in NSW is more urgent than ever. Please make a tax-deductible donation today. With your support, we won't stop until all koalas have a safe place to call home.

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Koala clinging to a truck on a farm in the Gunnedah area, November 2016. Photo supplied.

Without a safe home, koalas don't have a future

Eastern Australia has one of the highest rates of tree-clearing in the world. That’s despite the fact that it’s degrading our soil, air and waterways and wiping out the vegetation that koalas and other unique native species need to survive.

When an area of bushland is cleared, many koalas die straight away from injury or trauma. Others are killed in road accidents, or by dogs, or they drown in swimming pools as they move across the ground and through people’s properties to find food and shelter. The stress and trauma of losing their homes makes koalas more likely to develop chlamydia, which causes blindness and infertility. The disease is often the final blow for struggling koala populations, leading to local extinctions.

Your support today will help to nurse injured koalas back to health, replant eucalyptus trees so they have safe homes to return to, and will help us rally the NSW government to stop excessive tree-clearing to protect Australian wildlife for the long-term.


Koala clinging to a barbed-wire fence, Southeast Queensland © Clare Gover, Return to the Wild Inc. / WWF-Aus

Help us rescue injured koalas and nurse them back to health

WWF-Australia is working with wildlife carers in northern and coastal NSW to care for sick, injured and orphaned koalas, and getting them ready to return to the wild. Rehabilitating a koala patient can take many months and requires round-the-clock care. Your gift will support this vital work to save our beautiful koalas.


Orphan koala joey held by a carer, Loganholme © WWF-Aus / Patrick Hamilton

Replant and protect koala trees

No eucalyptus trees no koalas. Your donation will help WWF-Australia and our partners create green corridors of koala friendly vegetation in greater Western Sydney and restore critical habitat in northern and coastal NSW. You'll help us map and plan koala corridors and engage private landholders to restore habitat - so koalas and their trees are still here in years to come.


Rally the Government to stop excessive tree-clearing

Your support will help WWF-Australia and our partners put pressure on the NSW Government to strengthen protections against excessive tree-clearing. Changing policy on this issue is one of the most powerful ways we can secure a safe future for koalas and the trees they call home for the long-term.


Adult male koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) eating Eucalyptus leaves at Return to the Wild Inc. Toowoomba, southeast Queensland © Doug Gimesy / WWF-Aus

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Koala joey,  Sydney, New South Wales © Shutterstock / worldswildlifewonders / WWF
Thank you for your generous donation to help keep New South Wales koalas safe.