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Woylie © Sabrina Trocini / WWF-Aus

Yorke Peninsula Appeal

Join the fight to turn the tide on Australia's extinction crisis
Join the fight to turn the tide on Australia's extinction crisis

Many threatened Australian mammals and birds are at risk of dying out. We need your help to stop this from happening.

It's time to tackle Australia's conservation crisis and start turning the tide for our dying species.

Your support will help us rewild the Yorke Peninsula, southwest of Adelaide; carefully bringing back species that used to thrive here but are now locally extinct.

This is a major move in tackling the extinction crisis Australia is facing head-on.

Your donation:

A big bold plan

 The Yorke Peninsula has lost about 27 native species, and too many of those are at risk of dying out from Australia altogether.

With your support, you can help return them to this landscape. And that's going to give a lot of our beautiful, unique Australian animals a fighting chance.

We’re calling it the most ambitious rewilding project yet: a big, bold plan to return multiple locally-extinct species across 170,000 hectares of the southern Yorke Peninsula.

The first 'local' to be reintroduced is the woylie, a little marsupial with big eyes, a fondness for rummaging around in the soil and a crucial role in the future of a once-biodiverse habitat.

As nature's gardeners, woylies improve nutrient poor soil by moving seeds and organic material around. Their actions improve conditions for native plants which, in turn, improve conditions for birds, insects and ultimately other mammals.

Your support today will help start an exciting conservation project that could see many threatened native species given a chance of survival, and it could help rebuild an entire ecosystem.


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Thank you for your generous donation to help rewild the Yorke Peninsula.