A pair of juvenile eastern quolls © Devils@Cradle

A pair of juvenile eastern quolls © Devils@Cradle / WWF-Aus

Eastern Quoll Appeal

Will you please help eastern quolls return to the Australian mainland where they belong?
Will you please help eastern quolls return to the Australian mainland where they belong?

Your donation:

Eastern quolls have been extinct on the Australian mainland for more than 50 years.

Quolls are small, spotted and fiercely cute marsupials who were native to southeast Australia. But foxes, disease and habitat destruction wiped them out on our mainland more than 50 years ago. However, on 13 March we managed to successfully relocate 20 eastern quolls to Boderee National Park in Jervis Bay.

WWF-Australia and our partners Rewilding Australia flew 20 eastern quolls from captive breeding facilities in Tasmania to Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay. They are the first of three groups of quolls we plan to relocate over the next three years - with your help.

Eastern quolls are also important predators. They used to be called 'farmer's friends' because they hunted agricultural pests, such as rats, mice and insects.


Without them around to keep these creatures in check, the entire ecosystem suffers.

By returning eastern quolls to the mainland, we can restore some ecological balance - and slow down the terrifying rate of mammal extinction in this country.

Your support is vital in getting eastern quolls back to a landscape they thrived in for hundreds of thousands of years. It's a landscape that needs them.

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Two eastern quoll pups being held, Mole Creek, Tasmania © WWF-Aus / Madeleine Smitham

Black-flanked rock-wallaby translocation © DBCA/ WWF-Aus


How can you help?

WWF-Australia and our partners have spent the past few years preparing for this translocation project. 


So far the first relocation has been a success.


We’ve been working with a couple of fantastic Tasmanian wildlife sanctuaries to help breed and prepare eastern quolls for this project. But we now need your help for the next batch of quolls we plan to relocate.


Juvenile eastern quolls © WWF-Aus / Madeleine Smitham


Your generous gift will help:

Provide food 

Your gift could help buy extra food as captive-born quolls build up the hunting skills they'll need to survive in their new home.

Fund a flight
Your gift could help fly one young quoll from Tasmania to its new home in Jervis Bay.

Buy sensor cameras
Your gift could help buy a sensor camera, to monitor how eastern quolls are settling into Booderee National Park.


Your kindness today will give the next generation of Australians something that many of us have missed out on - the chance to see eastern quolls on the mainland where they belong.

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Eastern quoll © WWF-Aus / Madeleine Smitham
Thank you for helping eastern quolls return to the Australian mainland