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Workplace giving, also known as payroll giving, is a simple and low-cost, yet powerful way to make regular donations to WWF-Australia. The money is deducted directly from your gross pay as a salary sacrifice and supports WWF’s conservation work.

Workplace giving enables you to make a difference through regular donations from your pre-tax pay. It can also help your company with their corporate and social responsibility ambitions.

If your company or organisation already has a workplace giving program in place and you wish to support WWF in this way, contact your human resources department to ask them about joining the workplace giving program and making donations to WWF.

If your employer does not have a workplace giving program in place, you can be the one to kick-start the program. Contact your community affairs, corporate social responsibility or human resources department to suggest a workplace giving program be established and for WWF-Australia to be nominated as a charity partner.

Photo credits: / Andy Rouse / WWF-Canon and Nick Heath / WWF-Aus

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  • To take part in 'Workplace Giving Months' (during the month of June each year)
  • Tips to boost your workplace giving program

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Matt Buchanan, Manager at Deloitte.

Why do you donate through workplace giving?

Easily summed up in three words – simple, effective, painless. The process is straightforward to setup and it gives piece of mind that the donation is going straight to the charity without any administration fees being taken out. Also, our Deloitte Foundation matches contributions dollar for dollar to a capped amount so you actually make double the difference.

Why specifically have you chosen to donate to WWF?

I really admire the work that WWF does in conserving the parts of the world that need our help. I’ve seen the work that they do in Uganda and Rwanda, and can see the difference that they’ve made to the local environment – especially the mountain gorillas and their habitat. They also help in panda conservation – and who doesn’t love pandas!