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    “People are more likely to embrace conservation when they’re not struggling to put food on the table.” WWF Conservation Director, Gilly Llewellyn

    Overfishing is damaging the fragile marine life and reefs of Solomon Islands. 

    If fishing pressures don’t ease, many amazing fish species could be wiped out here. 

    That will be a disaster for these magnificent reefs – and for the people of Solomon Islands who depend on fishing for food and income. 

    That’s why WWF is working with local women to help them find other ways to support their families. 

    Will you please donate today to help raise the $55,000 we need to keep this work going next year?

    Every dollar you donate by the end of September will be matched by another WWF supporter who believes passionately in this project. 

    With the backing of supporters like you, WWF has set up Savings Clubs for 700 local women. And we’ve helped them to start up businesses, by allowing them to borrow against what they’ve saved.  

    These inspirational women are off to a promising start, with businesses that range from bakeries to basket weaving. 

    They’re making enough money to feed their children and send them to school. So there’s less pressure on their families to fish, and less pressure on the Islands’ fragile reefs.

    But these women need your help to build their fledgling businesses and keep them successful. 

    Donate now to help these women build their businesses – and take the pressure of fish and reefs.

    Remember, if you donate before the end of September and your donation will be instantly doubled.   

    Please act today to help give Solomon Islands families a secure income – and save the country’s overfished reefs from further damage.  

    your donation today will be used to:

    1. Provide ongoing business training. 
    2. Train women to be savings mentors.
    3. Create guidelines and resources. 
    4. Engage a local small business expert. 


    Donations over $2 are tax deductible and a tax receipt is issued instantly via email.

    Photo credits: © / Ethan Daniels / WWF

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Solomon Islands overview

Solomon Islands is an island chain in the southwest Pacific. It is part of the ‘Coral Triangle’ – the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity. Close to half of the world’s reef fish and three-quarters of the world’s reef corals are found in this region.

While the country is rich in natural resources, many of its people live in poverty. There is high unemployment, high infant mortality, and some areas still lack basic medical and communication infrastructure.

Most Solomon Islanders live along the coastline. They depend heavily on fish for food and income. At the current rate of fishing, Solomon Islands won’t have enough fish to meet peoples’ food needs by 2030.

WWF is working with local women to give their families a secure income and save fragile reefs from further damage.

Your support will help keep up this important work.

Photo credit: © Arlene Bax / Simplot Australia / WWF-Australia