Snow leopard © Sanjog Rai / WWF-Nepal

Snow leopard appeal

There are as few as 4,000 snow leopards left in the wild, and every week, at least another four of them are killed.

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Humans: we've been the snow leopard's worst enemy, now's our chance to be their best friend.

  • could help continue the successful insurance scheme that compensates herders who lose their livestock to snow leopards - and reduce retaliatory killings.
  • could help train and equip a wildlife ranger on an anti-poaching patrol in Nepal
  • could go towards a satellite collar for a snow leopard, providing much-needed information to help save them
  • could allow WWF to set up a sensor camera network in the Nepalese Himalayas, providing vital data for the long-term protection of snow leopards and their landscape
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Snow leopard © Klein & Hubert / WWF

There are as few as 4,000 snow leopards left in the wild

The world's majestic snow leopards are dying out.

Human activity has caused their sad decline. And now human activity is the only thing that can save them.

These gorgeous, solitary big cats are dying out because of habitat loss, poaching, conflict with landholders, and climate change.

With their numbers now at an all-time low, we urgently need your help to scale up WWF's efforts to save the last beautiful snow leopards on Earth.

How can you help?

Your donation will help fund community conservation projects, anti-poaching efforts and the technology we need to monitor and protect snow leopards and their fragile habitats.

Your donation today is crucial to helping WWF:

Stop retaliatory killings
We know that the snow leopard insurance scheme works. So too do initiatives such as building leopard-proof enclosures for livestock, and helping communities develop sustainable livelihoods such as eco-tourism. But WWF urgently needs your help to bring these projects to more of the places where people and snow leopards are coming into conflict.

Fight poaching
With your help, WWF can train and equip more community anti-poaching patrols. What you give today could go towards the salary for a brave community ranger, or the gear they need to catch poachers at high altitude. With the illegal trade in snow leopard parts on the rise, it’s vital that we ramp up our efforts to shut it down.

Monitor snow leopards
Supporters like you have helped to fund sensor cameras and satellite collars, to track snow leopard movements. This technology has provided some great early data on their journeys between China, India and Nepal. But we desperately need more equipment and data to understand all the snow leopards’ vast landscapes – and where they are most threatened by human development and climate change.

With your support to save the 'Ghost of the Mountains', you will also help secure a safer future for all the species and communities that depend on its extraordinary home.

Banner credit: Yalung, the fourth snow leopard collared in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area © Sanjog Rai / WWF-Nepal

Snow Leopard Collaring 2017 - Nepal © Sanjog Rai / WWF-Nepal


Why do I support WWF? Because they make a difference. Individually we have limited reach and power, but as a group we have much more - with WWF we can change things in the world because we are pulling together. Thank goodness for movements like WWF.

Michele Hannam Short

WWF Supporter since 1997

Snow leopard © Sanjog Rai / WWF-Nepal