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Javan rhino appeal

Today, the last 67 Javan rhinos face death from starvation.

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  • could help remove the Arenga palm and revegetate 200 m2 of crucial rhino habitat
  • could help remove the Arenga palm and revegetate 300 m2 of crucial rhino habitat
  • could help train and equip a wildlife ranger in Java, to help monitor and protect Javan rhinos
  • could allow WWF to set up a sensor camera network in the Javan rainforest, providing vital data for the long-term protection of Javan rhinos and their landscape
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Javan rhinos in Ujung Kulon National Park

It's hard to imagine a 230 kg animal being threatened by a plant

Today, the last 67 rhinos face death from starvation

The world’s last 67 Javan rhinos are fast running out of food.

The aggressive Arenga palm is growing out of control in critical rhino habitat in Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia, blocking out the sun and causing the smaller plants they feed on to die.

Desperate and hungry, rhinos are moving further and further afield, where they have to compete with other animals for what little food is available.

It’s been a long, hard fight to keep this tiny population alive. Javan rhinos are clinging on – just – because WWF supporters have defended them from poaching and the effects of illegal logging on their habitat.

We need your urgent help to stop the invasive palm trees that are strangling their food supply - and threatening their very existence.

How can you help?

Your donation will help fund community conservation projects, rhino patrol units and sensor cameras.

Your donation today is crucial to helping WWF:

Remove the Arenga palm and plant rhino food
With your support, WWF is aiming to remove 190 hectares of the Arenga Palm and plant native plant species that rhinos love to eat. This will not only be beneficial for the rhinos but will also provide work and support to local communities who will get involved with facilitating this project.

Fund rhino patrol units
With your help, WWF can train and equip more community monitoring patrols to ensure the long-term viability of the landscape as well as to help monitor Javan rhinos in their habitat.

Monitor Javan rhinos
With your support, we can set up sensor cameras in critical Javan rhino habitat to help monitor these shy animals. We currently have a few cameras set up, but we desperately need more equipment and data to understand all we can about Javan rhinos.

With your support to save the last surviving Javan rhinos, you will also help secure a safer future for all the species and communities within the area.

Banner credit: Javan rhino ©2015 Stephen Belcher Photography

Wild sugar palm (Arenga obtusifolia) and other palms in Ujung Kulon National Park © Fletcher & Baylis / WWF-Indonesia


Why do I support WWF? Because they make a difference. Individually we have limited reach and power, but as a group we have much more - with WWF we can change things in the world because we are pulling together. Thank goodness for movements like WWF.

Michele Hannam Short

WWF Supporter since 1997

Javan Rhino © 2015 Stephen Blecher Photography All Rights Reserved