Don't let Aussies lose the right to enjoy the places we love

The Government has just announced a radical plan to strip Aussies of their legal rights to protect the places we love.

It’s a crazy new plan to try and change the laws to benefit the people who want tear up our natural heritage, and see our Reef turned into an industrial shipping super-highway.

They want to take away your legal right to access environmental laws. And they’re going to try and rush it through! We can stop this if we move really quickly. We need the Leader of the Opposition and the Senate Cross Bench to stand up and declare they’ll block these laws in the Parliament.

Please help urgently, by signing the petition asking Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, and the members of the Senate Cross-Bench to pledge to block this radical legislation that will take away your rights.

This is happening because in the last 12 months, hundreds of thousands of Australians have worked together to protect the places they love from rampant industrialisation - now, the government wants to take away your rights to do it in the future.

Shockingly, these are laws that are also designed to prevent corruption - and the Government want to rip them up! In 2012, the Independent Commission Against Corruption said that legal rights like these have the potential to deter corrupt approaches by minimising the chance that any favouritism sought will succeed. And they said without them there’s an opportunity for corrupt conduct to occur!

Please sign the petition and share it with others.

Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition,
Cross benchers of the Australian Senate

Please pledge to oppose changes to laws that would strip Australians of their legal rights to protect the environment. We’re counting on you to stand up for the rights of ordinary Aussies, who care about the places we love.

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© WWF / James Morgan