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Reckless tree-clearing is threatening to wipe out our beautiful east coast koalas.

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WWF needs your urgent support to raise $400,000 so we can protect and restore koala habitats - and rehabilitate sick and injured koalas that have lost their homes.

  • could help provide bandages and medicine for an injured koala
  • could help prepare a koala to be released back into the wild
  • could help plant a corridor of trees between threatened koala habitats
  • can support efforts to urge our governments to stop excessive tree clearing that destroys koala habitats, to protect wildlife for the long-term
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Koala sitting on the ground © Theo Allofs / Getty Images

An aussie icon on the brink

Reckless tree-clearing is threatening to wipe out the last remaining populations of our east coast koalas. The New South Wales and the previous Queensland government have scrapped laws that protect the trees koalas call home.

Koala’s homes are being torn down so fast in Queensland and New South Wales that in some areas they’re now locally extinct. Things are so bad that Queensland’s Koala Coast has lost more than 80 per cent of its koalas.

Sadly, most koalas die when their habitats are destroyed. Some suffer from chlamydia, which manifests in times of stress. Some starve to death. And many get hit by cars or mauled by dogs as they roam hopelessly in search of new homes.

It’s shocking, but if we don’t act to protect them now, koalas could be gone from Australia’s east coast in a matter of decades.

Please donate before June 30 to help save the last remaining habitats of our east coast koalas.

How can you help?

Your gift will help the Hidden Vale UQ Wildlife Centre in Queensland provide emergency medical care to sick and injured koalas that have lost their homes. You will help rehabilitate vulnerable koalas so they can be returned to the wild.

Your kind donation will also help protect and restore vital koala habitats on Australia’s east coast, and urge our governments to reintroduce laws that do the same.

Please donate now to help save our amazing koalas and the trees they call home – before it’s too late.

Koala patient in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital © Shutterstock / ChameleonsEye / WWF


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Michele Hannam Short

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