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WWF Christmas Gifts

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    Adopt an endangered animal this Christmas

    It’s hard to imagine a world without tigers, giant pandas or orang-utans in the wild. Sadly, that’s the way these precious endangered animals are heading. They are on the slide to extinction. 

    But, this Christmas you can give a unique and meaningful gift that can help these amazing species.

    Adopting an endangered animal for your family and friends is a special way to support WWF’s essential conservation work – protecting the habitat, preserving the food and ensuring the safety of threatened species locally and globally. 

    It's the perfect gift - with a cuddly toy of your choice and special adoption gift pack including adoption certificate and stunning animal portrait. Plus, a handy WWF tote bag!  

    You can choose for this gift pack to be sent directly to the recipient or you can receive it to give to them yourself. 

    Adoption is not only a wonderful gift, it’s a powerful way of standing up for and protecting the animals we all love.

    Your gift of adoption will help WWF to:

    Conserve the giant pandas

    wild home and food supply by protecting 3 million hectares of forest 


    Double wild tiger numbers

    by 2022 – one of the most important global conservation projects ever undertaken


    Protect orang-utans

    and Borneo pygmy elephants by creating a 220,000 square km network of protected areas and sustainably managed forests in the Heart of Borneo


    Campaign to secure

    Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) so turtles and other marine species can feed and breed in safety


    Photo credits: Russell A. Mittermeier / WWF, / Lynn M. Stone / WWF, / Andy Rouse / WWF, Cede Prudente / WWF and WWF-Aus / Laurent Desarnaud 

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