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Borneo Appeal

The situation is now critical. Orangutan numbers have declined to such an extent in Borneo that the looming fire season is a severe threat to the species.

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Borneo's orangutans are now critically endangered - and your help today is critical for their survival as a species.

  • could build more dams to re-wet the drained landscape
  • could train and equip community fire patrols so local people can protect orangutans, their own homes and land
  • could help us work with timber production companies to identify and protect orangutan habitat from their logging operations
  • could help train and equip anti-poaching patrols
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Borneo forest fire in October 2015 © WWF-Indonesia / Frenky Irawan

Borneo's orangutans have been upgraded to 'Critically Endangered' on the IUCN Red List of threatened species

Orangutans were once found all over Asia – from the foothills of the Himalayas all the way south to Indonesia. Unfortunately, they’ve been wiped out in the space of a few generations, mostly because of human activity.

They’re completely gone from everywhere but Borneo and Sumatra, where they are only just clinging to survival.

It’s absolutely tragic.

And today, because of looming fires and pressure on their habitat, the very last orangutans on Earth are in imminent danger.

Of the many threats they face, orangutans are most at risk from habitat loss and fires.

Borneo’s forests are not naturally prone to fires, but the production of unsustainable timber, paper and palm oil has cleared and dried large areas of forest, making it much more vulnerable to fires.

We need to keep critically endangered orangutans safe from another dangerous fire season. Will you please make an urgent donation now, and give the species its best chance for survival?

How can you help?

In Borneo’s Sebangau National Park and Arabela-Schwanner landscape, WWF is fiercely defending orangutans and their habitat.

If we can keep fires at bay, and keep their remaining habitat healthy, we can save the species.

Right now, our teams in Borneo and local communities are preparing for another season of dangerous fires.

You can help protect orangutans with a donation today to:
• Build more dams to re-wet the drained landscape.
• Train and equip Community Fire Patrols, so local people can protect orangutans and their own homes and land.

Fire is the immediate concern, but with orangutan numbers so critically low, we can’t afford to stop or slow down other urgent work that’s just as important to their survival. Poaching is an ever-constant threat, and their forest homes are very badly degraded in some areas.

Your donation will help to:
• Train and equip anti-poaching patrols.
• Plant trees in dry and damaged landscapes, giving orangutans more healthy habitat.
• Work with timber production companies to identify and protect orangutan habitat within their logging operations.

Will you join us to make sure the world’s last orangutans remain safe?
Help bring these magnificent creatures back from the brink of extinction by giving a generous gift today.

Banner credit: Adult male Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) in rainforest canopy © naturepl.com / Tim Laman / WWF

Male Orang Utan sitting while holding two young © naturepl.com  / Edwin Giesbers / WWF


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Orangutan © © naturepl.com / Tim Laman / WWF