Bengal tiger portrait © / Francois Savigny / WWF; Bornean pygmy elephant © / Nick Garbutt / WWF; Green turtle, Great Barrier Reef © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions / WWF-Aus; Bornean orangutan © / Ingo Arndt / WWF

Adopt an endangered Animal

Start making a positive difference today with a monthly donation. Your adoption kit includes a plush toy, adoption certificate & more - the perfect gift.
Start making a positive difference today with a monthly donation. Your adoption kit includes a plush toy, adoption certificate & more - the perfect gift.

Help protect our most precious species & places

The future of our wildlife depends on us. Orangutans are now critically endangered in Borneo. Tigers are on the brink of extinction. Just 1,500 Borneo pygmy elephants remain in the wild. It’s hard to imagine a world without tigers, turtles or orangutans in the wild. Sadly, that’s the way these precious endangered animals are heading. They are on the slide to extinction.


When you adopt, you will be helping to protect endangered animals. Your adoption will support WWF’s essential conservation work – protecting the habitat, preserving the food and ensuring the safety of threatened species locally and globally.


Adopt today, and we'll take you on a journey to learn more about endangered species through our regular updates - exclusive only to our monthly adopters. We'll also keep you up to date on how your monthly gifts are helping to secure a brighter future for our planet.


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Looking for a unique & meaningful gift?

An animal adoption makes the perfect gift for a nature lover. The special adoption gift pack includes a cuddly plush toy (of your choice), animal fact book, adoption certificate, tote bag, Living Planet magazine, and WWF sticker. You can choose for the gift pack to be sent directly to your gift recipient, or you can choose to receive it to give to them yourself.

Last minute gift?

We've got you covered! You can print a personalised adoption certificate to give on the day or email it directly to your gift recipient.
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Monthly givers are the heart of WWF-Australia, helping to support long-term planning and keep administration costs down - giving a huge boost to our conservation work. Together, with your ongoing support, every day, year after year, we create long-term solutions to the issues facing our planet.

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If you have any questions about your donation, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Supporter Services team either by email: or call 1800 032 551

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Two tigers (Panthera tigris) playing, India © Vivek R. Sinha / WWF

You are helping to protect some of the world’s most precious species and their homes.

Your adoption helps critically endangered animals in our country as well as across the globe – from the tiger to the turtle. Your donation is safeguarding the homes, food and saftey of these species, and as a result, preserving their future.

Your contribution will also help to strengthen WWF’s broader, critical conservation work both globally and locally.

If you would like to speak with us anytime, please do not hesitate to contact our Supporter Services team by email at or call 1800 032 551.