Help protect our precious wildlife.

Every day in Australia, more and more wildlife habitat and bushland is being destroyed. Trees are being bulldozed and the animals that live there are being killed. Much loved Australian animals like koalas, possums, and gliders are left homeless and dying.

Tree-clearing means more than endangered wildlife. It means vast amounts of carbon pollution, and a drier and hotter local climate. Clearing also means soil erosion and sediment pollution of creeks, rivers and seas.

But instead of passing laws to prevent this destruction, and protect our wildlife, shamefully, our representatives are sitting on their hands, or worse; in some cases they’re trying to roll back laws that protect our wildlife!

We need your help. Please help by sending a message to the Environment Minister and asking them to ensure State Governments protect against land clearing.

Please send an email NOW asking our political leaders to protect precious wildlife.

Image Credits: © Shutterstock / martinho Smart / WWF, © Theo Allofs / Getty Images, © Matthew Pauza